Paul Bojack


Your Reflection/Change of Direction is a new media project featuring a series of moving image artworks that integrate your image with text, graphics, video, voice, and music. These elements are edited together to create an experience around you, evoking thoughts and emotions as you watch yourself on screen.

YR/COD can be seen at

“Paul Bojack deploys a cinematic aesthetic honed over a career as a filmmaker in a new art project, the innovatively composed and socially engaged, Your Reflection/Change of Direction. A series of vignettes that include the presence of the viewer in a kind of passive interactivity, Bojack’s refined and provocative settings use words, imagery, abstraction and the viewer’s own computer camera to prompt dramatic reconsiderations of the individual’s role in society. Made during a time of multivalent social upheaval and physical distance ameliorated out of necessity by technology, the project encapsulates the paradox of the modern shared experience.”
Shana Nys Dambrot